PUF Panels

Neer Enterprise is one of the leading PUF panel manufacturers in India. It is also known as Polyurethane Foam. Our PUF panels are developed from best quality materials to extend high durability, good strength and versatility as per the standard and custom needs. It is ultra modern Polyurethane designed specific to the geographical climate and that is having benefits over traditional elastomers and plastic. This innovative sheet from Neer is highly demanded in various industries like cold storages, food industry, clean room, refrigeration systems, temperature control rooms, defense and living shelters and has been installed across India. It is processed through comprehensive tests with high resistance to thermal and other effects. Our technological advanced polyurethane panel cannot easily crack, break, swell, tear or deteriorate.

We manufacture and cater PUF sandwich panels of different sizes and thickness and named as the insulation material get sandwiched between the two layers of colour coated metal sheets. Our product is highly consistent following the national and international standards.

PUF Panel Features:

  • High load bearing capacity
  • Super thermal insulation panel to increase efficiency
  • High Water and Vapor barrier
  • Easy and speedy erection, low maintenance
  • Enhanced joining and sealing property
  • Flexibly designed
  • Modular Pre-engineered for precision construction
  • Light weight for easy installation at remote locations
  • Weather proof and maintenance free
  • Wide range of colours and designs
  • Premium quality and fast portability

There are different types of PUF Sandwich Panels are available with us for various applications as below:

1) Cold Room Panel :

We provide cold room modular tongue-and-groove panels in variety of ranges available in different dimensions and thicknesses. This helps to be in developing cold rooms of any size as per the custom requirements. We ensure high level accuracy, while designing the polyurethane panel for different parts of the cold room. Each part is specific for individual application for best performance to accommodate.

We know that Pre-fabricated panel needs to be highly efficient, made from sturdy material to enhance the life and performance of cold room plant with hygienic values and this is the cause that one will find our product with exclusive toughness to resist all the outer factors and giving the best output. our heavy duty accessories includes Flush-fit doors, Cam lock, heated air vent, interior & exterior ramps, sweep gasket etc. are used in cold rooms which makes easy assembling or dissembling at site location.

2) Air Handling Panels for HVAC :

This, we manufacture for wide array of industries for handling air units. Its rigid framework is corrosion resistive, compact, and designed with disturbance free performance as well low maintenance. It is prepared from premium grade material in different sizes as per the industrial requirements.

3) Clean Room Panels :

Our clean room panels can be installed as a single room or can be integrated with production. The advanced designing technology is executed to meet the desired flexibilities as to suit the industrial needs like Pharmaceuticals, hospitals, laboratories or engineering field.

4) Paint Booth Panel :

This type is best for industrial painting to trucks, equipments, booths and scalable for tailor made specific requirements. This precision designed structure establishes highly rigid paint booth design with energy efficiency and for the most ease to eliminate dirt collecting edges, which is responsible for corrosion.

5) Partition & Ceiling Panel :

Insulated partition and ceiling panel transforms the interior environment into cool and controlled temperature. With the varying Polyurethane foam thickness, we can assign expected thermal features and appealing interior look to your office or home.

6) Porta Cabins :

Neer Enterprise provides a unique, modular PUF insulated porta cabins for recreation facilities, living quarter, offices etc. They are made from sturdy material, having resistant to water and temperature, light in weight for easy transportation.

7) Refrigerated Vehicles :

Our panels are also used in making refrigeration vehicles to maintain the temperature at certain fix level for quality of the products. This lightweight conversion can be fixed in vans and tempos with increasing payload capabilities as well without compromising the temperature performance. Our temperature efficient insulator can be fixed with plywood and fiberglass to create strong inner surface that is highly durable and easy to clean and maintain. This way can be designed the entire body parts of the vehicle as per the custom requirements.

8) Ripening Chambers Development :

The insulated foam can also be used in installing ripening chambers for various fruits like banana, mangos etc. the humidity and temperature can be easily controlled of such chambers. These panels for ripening chambers are available with us in various range and capacities. We also provided as on requirement of clients.

9) PUF Insulated Roofing Panel :

It is a perfect solution to resist any premise against higher thermal effect. Whether it is residential or industrial, we cater all types of insulation panel solutions to protect the premise. Based on application diversity, we provide these PUF panels in different sizes, shapes and structures.